Creative Ways to Incorporate Art into Home Interiors

Art can powerfully elevate a space, bringing personality and sophistication. Finding just the right piece for you, feels personal and important like adopting a piece that can bring you joy daily, effectively setting a tone for your home. Elevate the aesthetic and ambiance of your space by incorporating artwork into your home you love with these four creative ideas from NR Interiors!


Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to display a collection of art pieces such as paintings, prints, photographs, or even sculptures. The key is to mix and match different sizes and types of artwork to create a visually dynamic display. You can experiment with different layouts, such as a symmetrical grid or an asymmetrical arrangement. This not only adds visual interest to your space but also allows you to showcase multiple pieces of artwork that may not have been able to stand out on their own.

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Use Art as a Focal Point

Selecting a statement piece of artwork and using it as a focal point in a room is a bold and effective way to incorporate artwork into your home. This could be a large painting, a detailed sculpture, or even a unique tapestry. By placing it in a prominent location, such as above a fireplace or on a feature wall, it becomes the centerpiece of the room.


Incorporate Art in Unexpected Places

Artwork does not have to be confined to the walls! For example, you can use a unique sculpture as a bookend, hang a small painting or photograph above a doorway, or even add a pop of color by displaying ceramic plates or bowls on a kitchen or dining room wall. These unexpected touches can add character and personality to your home while also showcasing your love for art.


Use Art to Tie a Room Together

Artwork can also be used to tie a room together by complementing the existing color scheme or decor. This creates a cohesive and harmonious look. You can also use artwork to bring in textures or patterns that are already present in the room, such as a woven wall hanging in a room with bohemian decor.

Incorporating artwork into your home interiors is all about getting creative and thinking outside the box. Whether you choose to create a gallery wall, use art as a focal point, incorporate it in unexpected places, or anything else, you can turn your home into your very own art gallery. Call NR Interiors for design services and inspiration today!

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