Nicole Roberts Winmill

Nicole Roberts Winmill,
Principal Interior Designer, Owner

Nicole’s childhood home sparked her interest in interior design, with the detailed craftsmanship of a Victorian home on a brick street the character and unique quality of each home in that historic district inspired her imagination. With parents who are artists in their own right, artistic creativity ran deep.

Today she is creating contemporary homes with special custom details personalized for her clients. Her early experience as a construction project manager for a luxury home builder, has given her the advantage of a firm understanding of construction requirements and lead to her OCD in providing detailed documentation for her proposed designs.

Nicole is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and the National Kitchen and Bath Association to elevate her designs by keeping updated on the latest trends and newest products. She received her Bachelors in Interior Design from Texas State University. She nearly went to school for forestry, but made the right decision for Design since she is still passionate about it even after 20 years in Interior Design. A bit of a nature girl, she geeks out over the quality of beautiful wood and is always incorporating natural elements into her designs to add balance to today’s modern homes. She loves all things outdoors and artsy.

Yadi Acevedo,
Senior Interior Designer

Yadi Acevedo is a native Chicagoan that moved to San Antonio following warmer temperatures and Texas southern hospitality.

She loves all things design and began her studies in Landscape Architecture when she discovered her real passion was Interiors, later receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago. Her early career began 16 years ago with designing model homes and went on to specialize in high-end residential work in the Chicago North Shore communities and now in Texas.

Yadi is a former Folklore Ballet dancer, and channels that love of culture with the use of bold colors, textures and artwork in designing spaces. She particularly enjoys space planning and reconstructing floor plans. Outside of creating amazing spaces you can find her exploring the Texas hill country or wrangling in her misbehaved dogs.

Sherry Hodges,
Project Manager

Sherry Hodges is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Sherry’s interest in the design world started at a young age pushing her bedroom furniture around with frequent requests for new paint colors, much to her parents’ chagrin. While attending school at San Francisco State University, she pursued and received a BA in Criminal Justice with the intent to enter Law Enforcement. It was during this time that she began working in a furniture design showroom which had her rearranging furniture on a large scale as the Visual Merchandiser. She says her current position with NRI, of Accounting and Project Manager, maintains a perfect balance between indulging her creative side while keeping her natural bookkeeper’s need to maintain order satisfied.

Sherry travels the Texas hill country exploring Texas’ burgeoning wineries with her family when she isn’t stalking Amazon’s deal of the day.